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Mamatov Dilmurad Narmuratovich


Vice-rector for academic and scientific affairs of the Yangi Asr University

Mamatov Dilmurod Normuratovich was born in 1983 in the Khavos district of the Syrdarya region.

From 2005-2010, he studied at the Tashkent State Pedagogical University named after Nizami in undergraduate, graduate and postgraduate studies.

From October 2 to November 26, 2013, he completed the course “Development of Technical Education to meet the Global Needs”, held in India.

In 2017, he successfully defended his Ph.D. thesis in pedagogical sciences.

In 2019, he received the academic title of Associate Professor. Currently, he is conducting a scientific research of a doctoral (DsC) dissertation on the topic: “Pedagogical design of corporate cooperation in education in a digital economy”.

He is the author of 4 monographs, 1 textbook, 5 methodological manuals, 20 teaching aids, more than 70 scientific-theoretical and scientific-methodical articles, 5 of them were printed in journals included in the Scopus database. He is a participant in a scientific seminar on awarding the degree of Doctor of Science, chairman of the scientific and methodological council of the Republican Education Center under the Ministry of Public Education.

During his scientific and pedagogical activity, he prepared 1 doctor of philosophy (PhD), 6 masters, 12 bachelors and was a scientific opponent 17 times.

Report by Mamatov D. N. named “Technical Education: Global Trends and Challenges” has received international recognition. (Janson Institute of Technology) November 15, 2013.

He took part in scientific seminars and symposiums in Seoul (South Korea), Moscow, St. Petersburg, Kazan (Russia), Torgovist (Romania), Prague (Czech Republic), Dubai (UAE).

 In 2021, he was awarded the medal “30 Years of Independence of Uzbekistan”.

 In 2013-2014 he received the state scholarship “Beruni”, became the winner of the “The student of the year” competition.

 Since 2022, he has been acting as the vice-rector for academic and scientific affairs of the Yangi Asr University.